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Welcome to Studio Theatre Worcester

Studio Theatre Worcester is committed to a differentiated, professional theatre experience that reflects

the diversity and vibrancy of Worcester communities. Our high quality, theatrical productions and education

programs inspire and challenge our audiences while providing compensated opportunities for artists.



Studio Theatre Worcester stages professional theatre productions that elicit visceral experiences for our patrons.  See what's happening this season and check out some of our past productions.



Studio Theatre Worcester is deeply committed to building and sustaining a strong bond with Worcester communities, investing in local talent, and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all areas of our organization.

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Your support ensures paid opportunities for artists and designers, promotes innovations to keep the costs of our productions and classes affordable, and increases access to theatre for all.

Land Acknowledgement Statement


Studio Theatre Worcester operates in Worcester, MA on land originally inhabited by the Indigenous people of the Nipmuc tribal nation.  We acknowledge the painful history of genocide, selling into slavery, land theft, forced removal from this territory, and forced relocation onto reservations.  We are grateful for the long history of stewardship of this land by the Nipmuc people, which predates written record, and we honor and respect the many diverse Indigenous peoples still connected to this land on which we gather.

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